As a Voiceover Artist, my goal is to bring your project to life, delivering exactly what you want, when you want it, while infusing my own unique sound and skills, giving you the extra Umph you are looking for.

In the past twos years I have recorded and released over 30 audiobooks, under several different monikers, selling tens of thousands of copies. I work with my authors closely, making sure to bring their vision, and that of their readers, to life, delivering a fully produced and edited audiobook. For those that request it, create book trailers and promote on social media to lend visibility to both print and audiobooks in their collection. You put in so much time and passion into each word, and I consider my authors as more than just customers but partners, with a long lasting business relationship.

Looking for a professional and engaging voicemail system for your corporation? My inviting voice and fast turn around, typically 24hrs, will be sure to impress.  Also provide voiceovers for web, radio, and television commercials, all while working from my in home studio.

Located in in the capital of the Midwest, Chicago, IL, I am available to travel to your destination studio, to work with your production team.

Be it animation, documentaries, radio, or film,  you are sure to find the right fit with my professional sound and polished production.

Non-profit organization? Inquire about my free services for your project needs.

Please email for further information.



4 thoughts on “Services

  1. hi.. i am timothi from india, i am a voice over artist
    at present i am doing a norwagian project in indian languages
    i need arabic voice over artists, can you have the source for arabic..?
    if yes please tell me what is your budget for 25 mins video program..?
    i have more then 25 videos to dub in arabic
    and it is christian devotional program
    can you please give me your confirmation about it..?
    Thanks and Regards.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    My name is Je’mar and I would like to know if you could possibly help me with a nice recording for a website I want to create for my pastries.

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