Another Newly Released Audiobook from Marilynn Hughes!

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Newly Released Audiobook by Marilynn Hughes

Marilynn, as always I am thrilled to welcome you back with ANOTHER newly released audibook!

You expressed how important this book was to you, can you explain way this might be important to those seeking to learn out of body travels?

“This book unravels itself through the research. It takes us back all the way to the beginning of time, to a practice still in vast use today, that has been hidden and shrouded for ages in the mystery of its true worth and value. This is a true adventure into the ancient sacred texts and how they lead us from time before the fall to today and how that relates to the out of body experience. Something that anyone can do with no unusual gifts or skills. “

Is out of body travel something that needs to be learned, a gift, or a skill?

“It is all three and it is also mystery.”

Why is this book so important to achieving an out of body experience?

“Because it holds a key within the research all through time indicating the origins of the practice which ironically actually aligns a soul seeking higher thrust into a cosmic circular prayer pattern with heaven itself. “

What new projects are on the horizon?

“Recently finished ‘Deus Dominus, Deus Omnibus,’ the sequel to ‘The Primordial Seed.’ It goes through the ancient sacred texts into the mysteries surrounding the ancient alchemical philosopher’s stone. Currently, I am working on a book, entitled ‘Fragrance Mysticism’ which will be a combination of experiential and instructional on learning to inhale mystical encounter in our daily lives and our out of body travels.”

Where can people find out more about you and your other books?

“Any book retailer, Audible, Kindle and at our website –”

Marilynn, it is always a pleasure to learn more about out of body travel, and narrating such a wonderful book is an honor, where can people find this copy of Primordial Seed?

“The audible book can be found here –, other versions will be located here and here”

See the Trailer Here:

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