“Evergreen: The Autobiography of a Mystic” Audiobook now Available!


Evergreen; The Autobiography of a Mystic

 by Marilynn Hughes

Audiobook now available!

In this revealing new release, renowned author and proclaimed mystic, Marilynn Hughes finally shares her autobiography and uncovers the hard truths of her upbringing and her journey to become a leader of the Out of Body Travel Foundation.  One again, Marilynn joins us to answer some questions on this very personal book.

Marilynn, over the years, and after dozens and dozens of books, you have finally written your autobiography. I imagine this to be a deeply personal book, why did you write it at this time of your life?

“Ironically, the same reason I write all the books I write, because I was instructed to do so in a mystical experience. Ironically, doing an autobiography hadn’t occurred to me before I was shown to do this.”

You went through such trauma with your father, do you think that helped you in your development of becoming a mystic?

 “Absolutely, but I think difficulties help all of us in our fields of work because it generates compassion.”

You said your mother and siblings are atheists, how do they feel about your life’s work?

“They think its weird, and frankly, I’m not sure they know what to think.”

Does it cause a strain on your relationship with them?

“Oh, yes. They’re very worldly people, everything that I do and believe is difficult for them to relate to.”

Do you feel that you have sacrificed a lot in sharing your message from the other side?

“Not really. But in a sense, yes. There is always a sacrifice in telling the truth because you can’t pick and choose who will know about your life or experience. A few years ago, because I’m public about my experiences, I was investigated by my bishop for heresy. In the end, they approved of what I was doing and encouraged me to continue. But it was a very difficult period which emerged only because my experiences are public. Sometimes, it would be great to just be able to relate to people without this knowledge, be normal, so to speak. But at the same time, I have no regrets because it really just is who I am. So at least it’s always out there on the table . . . right?”

Your first OBE experience must have been a frightening one, what advice can you share with those that might experience their first OBE?

“Don’t expect it to be necessarily the easiest adjustment. It can be, I’ve known many people who’s first experiences were fantastic. My second one was fantastic, but my first was very frightening because it forced me into a reality with which I was not yet familiar. I think I thought for a moment that I was dying. Therein, the fear.”

The Out of Body Travel Foundation was born form your experiences on the other side, do your children carry on with your gift of astral travel?

“My middle daughter, Mary, is a mystic. The other two are not, but express their faith in different ways. And I try to honor their privacy as much as possible.”

What can readers expect to gain from reading this book?

“I think one of the purposes of writing this book is to give the background behind some of these experiences. In effect, we’re really not that different. And the life of a mystic is very similar to the life of someone who is not a mystic, at least in this world. For those of us who are mystics, we have an entirely different life on the other
side, but our daily lives are not as different from others as they might think. “

What does the future hold for the Out of Body Travel Foundation?

“My daughter, Mary, plans to take it over when I cross over. In the meantime, she hopes to bring the foundation into more charitable projects. She’s in nursing school and hopes to become a present voice in other countries for mercy, assistance and reducing physical AND spiritual poverty worldwide. I’ve just started a new book, was given the name of it in a mystical experience two nights ago. We shall see where that goes. And I think basically, we just let God lead. We never know where we’re heading. But when we listen to God’s will, we always know it will lead to the right destination!”

It is a pleasure to read your amazing work, and hope you have a fantastic Holiday Season!

“Merry Christmas to you, too, Rebecca, and thank you so much for being one of our fantastic narrators! “

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