NOW Available, just in time for the Holiday’s, “The Potentate” and “The Solitary Series: A Trilogy in One Volume”

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Newly Released “The Potentate” and “The Solitary Series: A Trilogy in One Volume”

by Marilynn Hughes

Once again, Marilynn joins us to share a little more about her newly released audiobooks, and what is on the horizon

Marilynn, it is a pleasure to have you back here answering more questions for your readers. The Potentate is the last book of the Solitary Series, can you explain a little bit about what this series is about?

“This series takes the soul traveler into an entirely different universe, very literally speaking, in that we are going so far beyond that which we are to attain here on earth, to the knowledge which comes from above in the higher spheres above earthly learning. This makes it a real stepping stone for the soul because the soul begins to walk outside of itself, and into a much greater reality, but even beyond this, into the real service of mankind, as well. There are two major steps being taken, that of the soul beyond the knowledge of this world and what he have to understand, embrace and overcome to graduate from this realm, so to speak, but also into the realm of really giving back to creation what creation has given to us. “

Do you still continue your OBE’s on a regular basis?

“Ironically, it is now so much more pronounced in my life, it has become difficult at times to keep up. Sometimes, I will be held in the mystical realms for 12 – 18 hours in one night, and there isn’t a night that goes by where I’m not very busy in the mystical realms. One of the interesting new changes that comes with these phases of development, as well, is that whereas in the past I might be able to assist in a few different human situations in a night, sometimes up to 5 or 6 . . . there is an acceleration involved that makes it possible to be working with souls in much greater numbers; hundreds, thousands, and rarely (but it happens) millions. My kids are older now, and I honestly spend more time on the other side now than I spend here on earth. But in my case, because it appears to be my calling, God always provides me with what I need to keep up with my responsibilities on this side of the veil. I can say,  however, that sometimes it really feels I belong more to the other side now than I do here. And sometimes you’d like to just stay . . . but at the same time, it is something to be grateful for that I am still present here in this life for my family and friends, but am able to spend so much time working in the mystical realms especially in these times that we live in wherein so much work is required on the other side because evil has taken such a strong grip on humanity. We can’t let it win, we can’t energize or encourage its destruction, and we must do all that remains possible to turn things towards an evolutionary place.”

Can anyone have an OBE?

“Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that it all really depends on the will of God. It seems that most people do have this potentiality, but it also very much depends on what someone is called to do in this life. Out-of-Body Travel is not compatible with every calling. However, what I do believe is that everyone does have their gifts and that engaging in the practices that bring about out of body experiences does seem to enhance the spiritual journey, the particular destiny and the lives of those who do so. And in many, many cases – I would say a large majority – there does seem to emerge some types of mystical or out of body experiences with enough patience, humility and the sincere desire to know, serve and love God.

Oftentimes, this very simple equation can be the hindrance for those who are struggling. It has to be done for a greater objective than simply ourselves, even though the irony is that we have to overcome ourselves before we can be of genuine use to others.”

What other projects are on the horizon?

“I’m so glad you asked. We recently released ‘The Shining Ocean’ and ‘The Primordial Seed’ which are continuations to our ‘How-to’ series of books
(Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism, The Hammer of Mysticism, The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose). And I feel that books are so very important in that they present the real depths of how out-of-body experiences are achieved, even though they may encompass many things the reader may not expect.

We have also just released the first seven books of a new series of books we are providing to our readers, Out-of-Print Reprints, which are Ancient Sacred Texts that I personally feel are of extreme value and importance and were not available in print for whatever reason. We introduce three classics of the Carthusian Order, a contemplative order founded by St. Bruno in the 12th Century:

The Carthusian Diurnal (The Monastic Prayerbook for the Daily Hours of the
Carthusian Order)
The Carthusian Statutes (The Monastic Rule of the Carthusian Order)
St. Bruno (Biography of the Founder of the Carthusians, St. Bruno)

We’ve also included a few other gems. The Shepherd of Hermas is an early church text which was given the same authority in the first century as the Book of Revelations has today in the Canon of the Bible. The Cherubinic Wanderer was written by a 16th century mystic, Angelus Silesius, who had insights which I felt were so beyond his time. The Divine Pymander and Emerald Tablets of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus contains many of the different translations of these texts which I found fascinating to compare side by side. And finally, one of the smaller ones, but one of my favorites: The Vow and Aspiration of Mahamudra. Mahamudra is considered to the most direct/fastest path to enlightenment in Tantric/Theravadan Buddhism, so Mahamudra remains a fascinating and controversial path in Buddhist spheres.”

How can new readers find out more about you and your foundation?

“Go to ‘The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation’ website at And follow us on our social networks We have a forum where you can share and ask questions and lots of fun things. You can always also just click on ‘Follow ‘The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation’ on Social Networks at the top of any page of our website and it will take you to all of our social locations.”

In your travels in the higher realms what is the most important message that you think they are trying to convey to those of us still here on earth?

“Don’t waste time!!!!!!!!! We are here for a reason, don’t waste time, make every moment be filled with meaning. We do this by loving one another as we love ourselves, and by service. Don’t waste time . . . we are only here for a short moment. In that very truth, lies a great deal of understanding about the importance of this sojourn. We mustn’t waste it.”

Thank you for joining us today! As always it is an honor to work with you, and look forward to continuing to do so in the future!

“An honor to work with you, too, Rebecca! Thank you!”

You can now purchase this audiobook, and the complete trilogy on Amazon, Audible, and ITunes today!

The Potentate: Amazon, Audible, Itunes

The Solitary Series: A Trilogy in One Volume: Amazon, Audible and Itunes

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