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Going Bananas, by T.F. Wright


T.F., thanks so much for joining me today to talk about the newly released book, “Going Bananas”, before we jump into this amazing audiobook, why don’t you tell the readers how you got into writing?
“I first got into writing when I was a teenager, in part because I was pretty socially isolated and the internet was a way to connect with others. From then on, I wrote on and off as a hobby for about 10 years, before eventually transitioning to writing full time. “
Under your pen name T.F. Wright you write to a , some people would call, fetish type audience. I know some readers would disagree with that label. Why don’t you tell us a bit about transformation stories?
“In a certain light, all stories are transformation stories. Typically, all fiction narratives a transformation in a relationship, or a person’s sense of self. There are a few stories where literally nothing changes, but those seem to be the exception, rather than the rule.
The kinds of transformation stories that I tend to write make this transformation explicit. People’s bodies and sometimes personalities change, often by means facilitated by science fiction or magic. I have written about many types of transformations, but there are two themes which unite them which I especially enjoy.
First, I like anything that focuses on appreciation of alternative forms of beauty. So, seeing the beauty in a woman who becomes fatter, stronger, older, or monster-like in some way. “Shrek” was a big influence for me, transformation-wise.
Second, I like playing around with gender roles in relationships. That can mean having a woman become bigger, stronger, or more dominant than her male partner, or perhaps having the male partner transform into a woman, ect.”
You also offer individual customized stories to those that wish to purchase something that is suited to their personal fantasies is that correct?
“Yes, I’m currently open for custom story commissions! If you’re a fan of my work and you’d like a custom transformation, let me know by email. My rates are around 4-6 cents a word, depending on the length of the project.”
What I love about “Going Bananas” is the sci-fi nature of the story, and it keeps you breathless wanting to know what is causing the changes in the story’s heroine. Where did you get the idea for” Going Bananas”? 
“I wanted Going Bananas to have a lot of suspense and I was hoping the twists and turns would help compliment the physical transformation. The story went through multiple rounds of revision and re-outlining to make sure I got it right.
There were many themes I wanted to explore. Most especially, the difference between having a regimented life of conformity versus a life of being yourself and doing what you want, and the social isolation that tends comes with that. 
The jumping off point for Going Bananas was a custom story commission for Volkenfox, who drew the cover for the book. Volkenfox and I have collaborated on several illustrated, anthro-themed projects since, and we’re preparing to create a visual novel together in the future.”
What other projects do you currently have in the works?
“Aside from the visual novel I mentioned above, I’m also doing a crowdfunded story called Transformation Park, about an amusement park where rides and attractions cause transformations, and backers of the project get to choose what happens. 
You can enjoy fairy tale-themed rides that suck you into the story, like age-progression themed Snow White or gender-bent Little Mermaid. Flip your personality with a funhouse mirror or enjoy a haunted house with transformation-inducing jump-scares. You can request a custom story starting at just $35. The project closes May 31st, 2016.”
Where can people find out more about your writing, the services you offer and the community you serve? 
“I have a new website, that’s the best place to keep tabs on what I’m up to.”
 I truly enjoyed narrating “Going Bananas” I think it is fantastic book and loved working with such a talented writer. Where Can people find the rest of your books and audiobooks for sale?
“I’m glad you liked it! I also enjoyed listening to your narration, it was beautifully done and I hope we can work together in the future.
At this point I’ve written so many stories that it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for, so I created a story searcher that allows you to filter through my work based on tag combinations. Want a story that contains female weight gain and personality change, or age progression and romance? You can use the searcher to show material that has exactly what you’d like. “Audiobook” and “Illustrated” are also tag options, so you find stories which have either an audio or art component. 
The story searcher contains my ebooks on Amazon as well as over a dozen free to read short stories (use the “Free” tag to find those.) Try it out and see if there’s something up your alley.”
Thank you for stopping by today, you are an amazing writer and we can’t wait to see what is in store with you in the future, I hope to work with you again as well!
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Going Bananas Audiobook Trailer:
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