The Highly Anticipated ” A Gypsy’s Kiss” Audiobook NOW Available!!!

A Gypsy’s Kiss

Written by Susan Griscom

Now Available on Audiobook!!!


I am SO excited to write this blog today about the newly released audiobook, “A Gypsy’s Kiss”! Susan joins me to answer a few questions about this fantastic book!

Susan, it is a pleasure to have you here, taking time out of your busy writing schedule to share with us a little bit about your newly released Audiobook ” A Gypsy’s Kiss”

” A Gypsy’s Kiss” Is a spin off of another popular series you wrote, can you give a little background on the series? 

“Yes, it’s a spin off from the Whisper Cape Trilogy. Breena was a ten-year-old child in the trilogy and I loved writing about her and thought it would be fun to give her a her own grown-up story. So A Gypsy’s Kiss takes place ten years after the 3rd book in A Secret Fate, book 3 in the trilogy. There are no spoilers in A Gypsy’s Kiss so if someone reads it won’t give anything away from the trilogy and vice versa.”

Breena is a special woman,strong, self aware and coming into her own while in college, where did you get the inspiration for her character?

“From her character in Whisper Cape. She was a feisty and strong willed child so I tried to stay true to that for any of my Whisper Cape fans.

I love Hawk’s and Breena’s tango into their complicated relationship. It kept me on the edge of my seat as I got to read these two fall for each other. You know romance, how did you start writing romance novels? 

“I fell in love with romance novels when I was in high school. My first romance novel that I read was “Love Story.” This probably dates me some, but if you’ve read that story or have seen the movie, the hero played by Ryan O’Neil was also a hockey player. Though I didn’t remember that until recently. My son played hockey his entire life and I love the sport so I thought it would be fun to incorporate it into the story.”

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

” Maybe. Somewhere deep in the back of my mind I secretly wished I could write a book.”

Are there more books to be expected in this series? 

“Originally yes. But if there are more, they will each be about different characters from Whisper Cape. “

What projects do you have in the works?

“I just completed my tenth book. A paranormal romance, “Captivated by a Vampire.” It is book two in the Immortal Hearts of San Francisco series. A group of sexy, billionaire, rock star vampires who have a band, The Lost Boys, perform every Saturday night at their private club in the city. I am working on book three now and “Rocked by a Vampire” should be out mid July, 2016.”

Where can people go to find out more about you and your catalog of work?

“They can visit my website. I have a newsletter they can sign up for there: . They can visit my Amazon page and follow me there:  and  my Facebook page:”

It was such a honor to be apart of an amazing book, and look forward to your future works. Thank you again! As we part, where can we buy your other books?

“Thank you so much for the lovely chat, Rebecca. It has been an honor working with you on the recording of this audiobook. You are a wonderful Breena. All my books can be purchased at Amazon and all are FREE with the Kindle Unlimited program except Beautifully Wounded, which is FREE at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Link:  And lets not forget the audiobooks. They can be found at Amazon, itunes, and “
I’ve had the honor of being nominated in several categories for Captivated by a Vampire in the Inks & Scratches Spring Blush 2016 book awards  Here is the link to vote:
And Allusive Aftershock, my one and only Young Adult novel age 14+,  is FREE for 5 days on Amazon. Here is the link so if you have a digital reader like an iPad or something or even your computer you can read Kindle books from Amazon. Just download the Kindle App from Amazon’s site. 
Don’t forget that Beautifully Wounded is also still FREE: Link:
Both of these books are Contemporary Romance. 
Thank you again Susan for joining me here today to share more about “A Gypsy’s Kiss” and your other writings projects. Get out there and grab a free copy of her new books while you can, and dont forget to pick up your copy of ” A Gypsy’s Kiss” on Amazon, Audible, or ITunes today!
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